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45 years side by side with our customers

For 45 years now, DEFINOX has specialised in the design and manufacture of valves and stainless steel equipment for industrial processes in the food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries.
Our objective is to develop a relationship of trust with each of our customers, a veritable partnership to take on new technological challenges together and make every project a success.
DEFINOX offers a wide range of valves and equipment:



  • Butterfly valves, manual (DPX) or automatic (DPAX)
  • Single sealing changeover valves DCX3 - DCX4
  • Double sealing changeover valve DCX3 DE
  • Mixproof valves VDCI MC PFA - VDCI MC SP C - VDCI MC PMO C
  • Tank bottom mixproof valves DCX3 FdC - VDCI MC FdC
  • Diaphragm valves, manual (DMX) or automatic(DMAX)
  • Ball valves, manual (DBX) or automatic (DBAX) 
  • Sampling valves PEX - PEAX
  • Point-to-point and AS-i LED control units
  • Safety devices
  • Tank equipment
  • Scraping systems 
  • Manifolds (injection, inlet and outlet)


Our PackServices offer is an additional service to our product offer to support our clienst and make personalized follow-up. 



DEFINOX conçoit et fabrique des vannes process brevetées en acier inoxydable et des équipements spécifiques personnalisés tels que des systèmes de raclage simple ou doubleévents autonomes ou manifolds de vannes. Associés à tous nos produits, notre PackServices vous assure différentes prestations de service.