DEFINOX, the process valve specialist

 VDCI MC mixproof valve 


Manifold softdrinks application 





Products and Services

French market leader in stainless steel process valves, DEFINOX is recognised for its ability to innovate and the quality of its products and services.


Our products fall into 3 categories:


DEFINOX is a recognised and acknowledged specialist in process valves. We design and manufacture high-tech products capable of satisfying the most stringent requirements for modern processes: performance, hygiene, flexibility, respect for the environment, etc.

DEFINOX designs and offers customised technical solutions tailored to meet stringent and varied industrial constraints.

Our Customer Service department also offers many additional services for our products and equipment. With the advent of PackServices, DEFINOX is able to offer all its expertise to customers through its new training centre.*

* Training activity registred under number 52 44 06683 44.
This registration does not confer government approval.


DEFINOX conçoit et fabrique des vannes process brevetées en acier inoxydable et des équipements spécifiques personnalisés tels que des systèmes de raclage simple ou doubleévents autonomes ou manifolds de vannes. Associés à tous nos produits, notre PackServices vous assure différentes prestations de service.