DEFINOX, specialized in process valves high technology and specific equipment in stainless steel.

ACS leds control top


ICS leds control top with stainless steel housing


ACS leds control top with linear sensor and multi-voltage module

Led control top

Remote control, monitoring and feedback the simple way


DEFINOX LED control units let you monitor and control valves remotely and provide real time alerts for any fault conditions so that immediate action can be taken and production downtime can be minimised.

This easily adaptable and configurable unit is user-friendly and offers a multitude of functions.


  • Overpressure valve
  • Multi-voltage module
  • Quick electrical and pneumatic connections
  • Feedback
  • Threaded pneumatic connections on the base
  • Linear sensor for detecting plug lifting
  • Optional: stainless steel cover


  • Resin-coated electronic modules for maximum component protection
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • User-friendly interface for simplicity of use
  • Easy to configure, with facility for setting LED colours

DEFINOX conçoit et fabrique des vannes process brevetées en acier inoxydable et des équipements spécifiques personnalisés tels que des systèmes de raclage simple ou doubleévents autonomes ou manifolds de vannes. Associés à tous nos produits, notre PackServices vous assure différentes prestations de service.