DEFINOX, specialized in process valves high technology and specific equipment in stainless steel.

PEX manual sampling valve


PEAX1 automated sampling valve to be welded onto pipe line

PEAX2 automated sampling valve clamp end




PEX PEAX Sampling valves

Simple and secure sampling solution.


  • DN6/8 - 10/12 - 16/18
  • Flame sterilised (1 line)
  • Sterilisation by injection of steam or a cleaning solution with sterilising agent (2 lines)
  • Robust ergonomic handle with opening and closing stops
  • FDA-certificated neutral diaphragm
  • Compact pneumatic actuator
  • Optional: stainless steel handle
  • Various mountings: wall-welded - clamped - pipe line welded - male gas connection


  • Quick and easy operating device interchangeability
  • Good resistance to sterilisation, with white EPDM diaphragm
  • PFA plug can be used under difficult working conditions
  • No risk of diaphragm crushing thanks to the closing stop on the handle
  • As an option, operating lever for manual control during the automatic cycle (available for DN6 and 10)
  • Facility for connecting a control unit

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