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SORIO Control top

New Sorio control top
Digital - AS-i - IO-Link


Sorio, control top, intelligent, easy to use and install is adaptable to all types of valves.
This control top, 100 % adaptable, provides additional diagnostic or adjustment functions.
The IO-Link simplifies the interconnectivity of equipment and allows to undertake their predictive maintenance.
The exclusive "Warning" function allows to warn about a behaviour outside the pre-set operating tolerances.




  • One control top for 3 versions: Digital, AS-i, IO-Link
  • Integrated cards
  • Solenoïd valve ensuring a better flow/air ratio
  • Customizable led colours
  • Compatible with Starmotion pigging system
  • Plastic or stainless steel cover
  • IO-Link also available for manual valves, thanks to MVQ-sensor, which can be easily integrated on the handle.


  • Reliability and resistance (IP69K)
  • Ease of use and configuration,
    from the top itself or remotely on a PC
  • Teaching of the card in less than 5 seconds
  • Secured configuration using the "Locking" function
  • Remote valve status display, broadcasted 360°
  • Permanent monitoring and self-diagnosis for all versions (Digital, AS-i, IO-Link)
  • Low energy consumption

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