DEFINOX, specialized in process valves high technology and specific equipment in stainless steel.

DPX manual butterfly valve

Butterfly valve half-bodies

 Manifold of valves for home care application

DPX DPAX butterfly valve

The DEFINOX butterfly valve has a choice of materials and machining conditions which guarantee it an optimum resistance quality and surface condition.



  • From DN 25 to DN 150
  • Numerous end connections possible: SMS-DIN-clamp-between flange
  • Different operating devices available:


  • Stainless steel handle (right- or left-closing)
  • Multi-position handle (right- or left-closing)
  • Simple adjustment handle
  • Micrometric handle
  • Handle with detection

  Pneumatic actuator:

  • Normally Open "NO"
  • Normally Closed "NC"
  • Double Effect "DE"


  • Reliable and economical technology
  • Quick assembly and disassembly
  • Large variety of seals enabling this valve to be used on numerous applications.
  • Low pressure drop
  • Flow on line without retention
  • Easily adaptable operating devices

DEFINOX conçoit et fabrique des vannes process brevetées en acier inoxydable et des équipements spécifiques personnalisés tels que des systèmes de raclage simple ou doubleévents autonomes ou manifolds de vannes. Associés à tous nos produits, notre PackServices vous assure différentes prestations de service.