DEFINOX, specialized in process valves high technology and specific equipment in stainless steel.

Double sealing butterfly valve



DPXDE DPAXDE butterfly valve double sealing

This valve is available only in the automatic version. It combines two inter-flange butterfly valves linked by a sleeve acting as a chamber.

It is used in applications requiring a physical barrier.



  • From DN 25 to DN 150
  • Sleeve fitted with a leak microvalve
  • Possibility of adding a rinsing microvalve for cleaning the chamber
  • Flow on line without retention


  • Airlock connected to atmosphere with valves closed, enabling any fault on one of the valves to be visualised (non-contamination of a circuit by the other one)
  • Economical leak chamber valve technology
  • Chamber rinsing possible during cleaning phase (opening of one of the valves by activating an auxiliary solenoid valve)
  • Quick assembly and disassembly

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