Customized solutions and specific equipment adapted to the constraints of food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

 Manifold of valves dairy application


 Vertical manifold of valves for alcoholic beverage






Manifold of valves

DEFINOX manifolds : robust, customised units


Manifolds or automated valve manifolds are essential components for controlling flows and links between processing machines, storage or processing locations and cleaning stations.
Our valve manifolds are produced to leading edge design criteria and compliant with the most stringent health standards.
Quality and design are guaranteed through strict procedure and process control during manufacture:
  • Perfect geometry (marble surface plate production)
  • Valve interchangeability
  • Compact manifolds
  • Optimum weld quality (orbital welding, corrosion resistance)
  • Careful finishing (post-weld finishing, polishing)
  • Ease of integration into existing facilities
  • Designed to prevent retention and dead zones.

Various manifold designs are possible, according to the functions required:

  • Reception manifold
  • Draw-off manifold
  • Injection manifold

 Numerous options and designs are possible. Our team of engineers is ready to help if you need customised solutions to meet your specific process constraints.


DEFINOX conçoit et fabrique des vannes process brevetées en acier inoxydable et des équipements spécifiques personnalisés tels que des systèmes de raclage simple ou doubleévents autonomes ou manifolds de vannes. Associés à tous nos produits, notre PackServices vous assure différentes prestations de service.