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Safety air vent DN100


Safety air vent DN250 











AVX1 Safety air vent

Modular safety devices for tank protection


DEFINOX safety air vent solutions satisfy the most stringent health and safety requirements.



They protect against vacuum and overpressure conditions in inert tanks (sterile air or neutral gas), optimising line and equipment cleaning.



  • DN 100 - DN 150 - DN 250 - DN 350 range
  • Pressure valve setpoint range: 0.05 to 0.4 bars
  • Negative pressure valve setpoint range: 5 mbars


These modular devices can be fitted with optional accessories:


  • Washing loop
  • Negative pressure detection disc
  • Recovery filter
  • Drip tray
  • Pressure valve control
  • Control unit
  • Negative pressure disc jam release
  • Sterile air connection


DEFINOX safety air vents are 3A-certificated.


pdf 3A certificate for safety air vent

To get a quotation, please fill in the below questionnaire completed with the characteristics of your tanks.
pdf How to define a safety air vent


Numerous options and designs are possible. Our team of support sales engineers is ready to help if you need customised solutions to meet your specific process constraints.



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