Solutions personnalisées et équipements spécifiques adaptées aux contraintes des process agroalimentaire, cosmétiques et pharmaceutiques

Starwheel injection system  


 Starwheel modularity


Starwheel injection system








Star-Injection system

Adapted multipoint injection system, customisable to meet the constraints of modern processes


The STARMANIFOLD system is designed for injection through the main pipe wall and injection valves are not interchangeable.

The STARWHEEL® system is for more precise injection close to the fluid flow. Its modular design means that injection valves are interchangeable and the number of injection points is variable.


150 mm of main pipe are sufficient to integrate up to 4 controlled injection points.

Depending on injection requirements, valves can be easily integrated or removed thanks to clamp connections.

Batch changeover times can be reduced by injecting another liquid with different characteristics as close as possible to the central stream of the fluid flow.

STARWHEEL® systems can incorporate an injected product recirculation loop using the DCX4 fractional changeover valve. This combination is useful for injected products that cannot be left stationary in the line, or where it is necessary to clean the pipes carrying the injected product with no flow outside the injection valve.

Another injection solution for food industry applications is based on a scrapable mixproof valve.
It has the advantage of being perfectly cleanable and usable with no risk of mixing between the secondary line for injecting a syrup or dye and the main line carrying the basic flow (beer, milk, etc.).




Numerous options and designs are possible
Our team of engineers is ready to help if you need customised solutions to meet your specific process constraints.


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