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 Tank bottom powder valve including cleaning valve


 Module for powder distribution








Shut-off valve for powder application

This valve technology is particularly suited to feeding powder into mixing tanks without the risk of clogging or blocking and to ensure powder transfer along the line.
Versions available: DN51 to DN80 (DN100 on request).



  • Actuators sized to prevent blocking
  • Piston plug designed to eliminate any risk of clogging
  • Long stroke for completely clearing the valve orifice
  • Powder flow facilitated by spherical bodies
  • Valve washing and rinsing optimised by adding a fractional changeover valve
  • Nitryl seal withstanding up to 100°C and particularly resistant to powder abrasion



  • Air injection valve for pushing the product along or drying out the pipes
  • Various installation configurations:
    • Tank bottom valve with welded flange
    • In-line valve
    • Valve modules for injecting more than one powder



Numerous options and designs are possible.
Our team of contract managers is ready to help if you need customised solutions to meet your specific process constraints.



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