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DCX3 Shut-off valve 3 positions up to 20 bars 


  High pressure tank bottom module







High pressure shut-off valve

This single seal check valve technology finds applications in lines subjected to working pressures higher than 20 bar. Versions available: DN51 to DN80 (DN100 on request).



  • Design compliant with EC pressure equipment directive 97/23/EEC
  • Actuator sized for use at up to 25 bar
  • Water hammer effects minimised by the balanced plug
  • Fitted with a floating seal fixed in place on a perfect seating
  • Valve body with screw flange connection for safe maintenance operations



  • Optional break-away actuator for washing the seal surface by raising the plug
  • Double seal arrangement with 2 stop valves and 1 valve with leakage indicator
  • Tank bottom valve with welded flanges


Numerous options and designs are possible.
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